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September 13, 1999

Ed Campion/John Ira Petty
Johnson Space Center, TX
(281) 483-5111

Release: J99-37

Lockheed Martin Engineering Contract to Continue

NASA's Johnson Space Center will exercise a $38.55 million level-of-effort option to continue its Engineering, Test and Analysis contract with Lockheed Martin Engineering & Sciences Co. of Houston. This type of option calls for the company to devote a specific number of hours -- almost 1.2 million -- to accomplishment of contract goals.

The initial contract, worth $1.5 billion over 10 years, was awarded through the competitive procurement process and was effective Jan. 1, 1994. It included a 5-year base effort and with 1-year and 4-year renewal options. The $38.55 million contract is part of the annual renewal option.

The contract work will be performed at Johnson Space Center and at Lockheed Martin’s Houston facility.

The work includes: Engineering, scientific, and technical support to research and development laboratories and projects; analytical support to the design, development, and operations of projects; engineering, maintenance, and operations support for research and development facilities; systems engineering, programming and operations support of automatic data processing equipment and networks; design development and operations support of payloads and flight hardware; technical support to flight crew training for payloads and spacewalks; and furnishing equipment and systems associated with that work.


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