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November 16, 2001

Eileen Hawley
Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Release: J01-113


Media Accreditation Process for Sts-108 Mission Coverage at the Johnson Space Center

The Johnson Space Center has implemented new media accreditation procedures for the STS-108 mission.

Media representatives planning to cover the mission from the Johnson Space Center in Houston must submit a written request for accreditation on the letterhead of the sponsoring organization no later than November 28, 2001. The request letter must provide a contact phone number that will be used by the Johnson Space Center newsroom to verify the request. No real-time substitutions of other media members will be permitted.

Broadcast media intending to use radio-frequency transmitting equipment must provide a listing of their equipment and frequencies to be used to the Johnson Space Center at the same time as credentials are requested. Broadcast crews must have their equipment inspected and have a copy of their transmitter licenses before gaining access to the center.

Credential requests and frequency information may be faxed to the Johnson Space Center newsroom at 281/483-2000.


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