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July 17, 2000

NASA/Johnson Space Center
Cooperative Education Office
Mail Code: AH3
Houston, Texas 77058
(281) 483-3066

Release: J00-44

Genefer D. Brice of Burley, Idaho, Completes Cooperative Education Tour at NASA

Genefer Brice, daughter of Robert and Xana Brice of Burley, was selected in January 2000 to participate in the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program. Ms. Brice is currently a senior at University of Idaho majoring in Marketing. She is a 1996 graduate of Burley High School.

Ms. Brice worked from January to August 2000 at JSC in Houston, Texas, where she was assigned to the Project Acquisition Office of the Procurement Division. Part of her duties involved preparing funding modifications, purchase orders, administering grants, preparation of synopses and midrange procurement documentation. In particular, she was the contract specialist on several time critical X-38 projects. In addition, she handled the day-to-day activities of the EVA/EVR contract. She returns to University of Idaho in the Fall to continue her studies, and then comes back to JSC for another work tour relating to Resources next January.

The JSC Co-op Program allows college students from around the country to better prepare for their career by supplementing classroom learning with valuable real world experience. This extremely competitive program allows approximately 150 co-ops from more than 40 universities to alternate semesters at school with working at JSC in paid, full-time positions directly related to their field of study. Not only does the Co-op Program provide students with great work experience, but it also helps them decide what kind of work they really want to do after graduation. It’s a great way to launch a career!

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