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July 17, 2000

NASA/Johnson Space Center
Cooperative Education Office
Mail Code: AH3
Houston, Texas 77058
(281) 483-3066

Release: J00-43

Andrew C. Perrone of Bryan, Texas, Completes Cooperative Education Tour at NASA

Andrew Perrone, son of Andy and Pam Perrone of Bryan, was selected in October 1999 to participate in the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program. Mr. Perrone is currently a junior at Texas A&M University majoring in Economics. He is a 1997 graduate of Bryan High School.

Mr. Perrone worked from January to August 2000 at JSC in Houston, Texas, where he was first assigned to the Space Operations Procurement Office. In 1995, NASA concluded that in order to reduce the cost to NASA of space communications and operations, it needed to consolidate and, to the fullest extent possible, commercialize space communications and operations, including both buying and selling of services. Supporting the Space Operations Management Office (SOMO), which was created in 1996 in an effort to reduce operations costs at NASA, Mr. Perrone was involved in the administration of the multi-billion dollar Consolidated Space Operations Contract (CSOC) with Lockheed Martin. During his second assignment, which ran from May to August 2000, Mr. Perrone was assigned to the Flight Operations Resources Management Office. This involved support of the Flight Crew Operations Directorate, which manages all of the aircraft owned and used by the Johnson Space Center. Such aircraft includes T-38 jets, on which the astronauts train, Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), which are Boeing 747s on which the Space Shuttle may be attached and ride cross-country, and the KC135, which is a modified turbojet aircraft able to simulate various microgravity ranges, including zero gravity. As a budget analyst, Mr. Perrone assisted in managing the funding for the Center's aircraft. He returns to Texas A&M this fall to continue his studies, and then returns to JSC for another work tour next May.

The JSC Co-op Program allows college students from around the country to better prepare for their career by supplementing classroom learning with valuable real world experience. This extremely competitive program allows approximately 150 co-ops from more than 40 universities to alternate semesters at school with working at JSC in paid, full-time positions directly related to their field of study. Not only does the Co-op Program provide students with great work experience, but it also helps them decide what kind of work they really want to do after graduation. It’s a great way to launch a career!

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