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August 25, 1998

Debra J. Rahn
Headquarters, Washington, DC
(Phone: 202/358-1638)

James Hartsfield
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
(Phone: 281/483-5111)

Release: N98-53

Guidelines for Media Coverage of Zarya Launch From Baikonur

U.S. news media representatives wishing to cover the launch of the first component of the International Space Station, the Zarya Control Module, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakstan on Nov. 20, 1998, will be required to send a fax or e-mail requesting press accreditation to:

Ms. Debra Rahn PAO for International Relations NASA Headquarters Washington, DC 20546 Fax: 202/358-2983 E-mail:

The approximate time for the Zarya launch is 1:30 a.m. CST (12:30 p.m. local Baikonur time).

Please include your full name, title, organization, passport number and expiration date, date and place of birth, telephone and fax numbers. U.S. media should request accreditation no later than close of business Sept. 16, 1998.

Canadian, European and Japanese news media representatives must request press accreditation by providing the same information to their own space agency public affairs offices as follows:

Canadian Space Agency: Ms. Carole Duval Media Relations St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada Tel: 514/926-4705 Fax: 514/926-4352

European Space Agency: Mr. Franco Bonacina Media Relations Paris, France Tel: 33 1 5369 7713 Fax: 33 1 5369 7690

National Space Development Agency of Japan: Mr. Yosuke Nishijo Public Relations Office Tokyo, Japan Tel: 81 3 3438 6109 Fax: 81 3 5402 6513

NASA will prepare a consolidated list of U.S. and international news media and send it to the Khrunichev Space Center 45 days before launch. In addition, NASA will obtain a letter of invitation from the Russian Space Agency for all news media on the press accreditation list.

Russian visa forms are available in the newsrooms at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX; Kennedy Space Center, FL; and Headquarters, Washington, DC.

Khrunichev Space Center, Moscow, Russia, has hired InfoMOST INC./InfoWest Group, Vienna, VA, to make logistical arrangements for news media traveling to Baikonur for the Zarya launch.

The cost of round-trip air transportation from Moscow to Baikonur and return, local transportation and meals is $1,500 U.S. dollars per person. Payment must be transferred no later than 45 days before launch to:

The Riggs National Bank McLean Branch 6805 Old Dominion Drive McLean, Virginia 22101 USA Account No. 01-819-232/InfoMOST Transit code: 05-600-00-12-60

-MORE- -3-

Communication Equipment: News media representatives planning to use satellite phones or other communication equipment at the Baikonur launch site must send a fax requesting approval no later than 45 days before launch directly to:

Mr. Sergei Jiltsov Head, Press Department Khrunichev Space Center Moscow, Russia Fax: 7 095 142 5900 Tel: 7 095 145 9802

Requests should include a description of the equipment and frequency.

Baikonur Communication Center: The Baikonur Communication Center is located at the Proton Conference Hall at launch pad #95. Telephone and fax machines will be available.

A detailed media schedule at Baikonur is being finalized and will be distributed before launch. For planning purposes, the preliminary schedule follows:

Launch Minus 3 Days:

NASA, Russian and International Partners ISS officials will hold a press conference at the Russian Mission Control Center (TsUP), Korolev, to discuss the Zarya launch. It will be broadcast on NASA Television with questions from reporters in attendance at TsUP. Time and participants remain to be determined.

Launch Day:

Launch minus TBD hours: News media meet at a Moscow hotel (TBD) to be bused to Novetel Hotel near airport.

Launch minus TBD hours: Zarya Launch Countdown Status Briefing at Novetel Hotel near airport with Khrunichev Space Center and Boeing participants. The briefers will provide launch status and logistical update.

Launch minus 3 hours: Arrive at the airport near Baikonur (Yuobileynyi). A press release will be distributed on the plane.

Launch minus 2 hours: Arrive Baikonur launch site. Tour of the Baikonur launch site (launch pad #1), Gagarin launch pad (launch pad #2), Zarya integration hangar (launch pad #254), and Proton-booster integration hangar (launch pad #95).

Launch minus 30 minutes: Arrive at the launch viewing site. Pre-launch commentary will be provided at the viewing site. -MORE-


Launch T-0: View the launch of the Zarya on a Proton booster.

Launch plus 30-60 minutes: Attend short post-launch briefing at the Proton Conference Hall (launch pad #95). Participants will include Russian, U.S., Canadian, European and Japanese space officials. Note: This will not be carried on NASA Television.

In addition to the briefing, a video of the Zarya launch preparation at Baikonur, Zarya integration on the Proton, and the Proton-Zarya roll out will be shown.

Launch plus 90 minutes: Post-launch press briefing with NASA and Russian officials from the Russian Mission Control Center, Korolev, Russia, will be carried back to the U.S. on NASA Television.

Launch plus 2 hours: Departure from the airport near Baikonur (Yuobileynyi).

Launch plus 5 hours: Arrive Moscow airport. Return by bus to hotel.

Launch plus one day: Khrunichev Space Center will hold a press conference on the Zarya launch and future ISS plans. This briefing will not be carried on NASA Television.

NASA Television is broadcast on GE-2, transponder 9C, C-Band, located at 85 degrees West longitude. The frequency is 3880.0 MHz. Polarization is vertical and audio is monaural at 6.8 MHz.


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