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August 25, 1998

Doug Peterson
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Release: J98-41

Readdy Named as Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Shuttle

Astronaut William F. Readdy (Captain, U.S. Naval Reserve) has accepted an assignment as the Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Shuttle in the Office of Space Flight at NASA Headquarters.

In this position, Readdy is responsible for managing top-level policy planning of the Shuttle program, in addition to coordinating the Shuttle safety program with NASA Centers and Headquarters. The assignment was effective July 1.

A veteran of three space flights, STS-42 in 1992, STS-51 in 1993, and STS-79 in 1996, Readdy has logged over 672 hours in space. STS-79, with Readdy as Commander, rendezvoused and docked with the Russian space station Mir.

Readdy remains a member of the astronaut corps during this rotational assignment, and will be eligible for spaceflight upon return to the Astronaut Office at the Johnson Space Center.

For additional information on Readdy, or any astronaut, see the NASA Internet biography home page at URL:


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