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July 6, 1998

Norm Chaffee
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Release: J98-26

Teachers Learn About the Johnson Space Center and It’s Mission

A group of 20 teachers from Texas, Tennessee, and Louisiana visited the Johnson Space Center (JSC) on June 8-12, 1998 participating in a program designed to share educational techniques and stimulate student interest in the space program.

Throughout the week, participants met with astronauts, and visited JSC facilities including the thermal/vacuum test chambers, the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, and NASA’s aircraft operations, while exploring educational techniques incorporating the theme of space travel and exploration.

The Aerospace Professional Development Workshop for Family and Friends is open to teachers who are family members or close friends of Johnson Space Center employees, and is designed to provide participants with short and intense exposure to JSC and to provide better understanding of the broad mission of the Center.

"In many cases these teachers, after a week in our intensive workshops, have seen more of JSC and have experienced a broader encounter with JSC’s activities than their family member or friend that works here," said Norman Chaffee, workshop coordinator.

The workshop is a part of JSC’s ongoing involvement in the pursuit of educational excellence, a commitment that attempts to inspire America’s youth as well as to create a variety of learning opportunities.

In addition to their hands-on experience, workshop participants learn about the many educational products available at JSC. In addition to the Family and Friends workshop, JSC offers numerous educational opportunities for teachers and students. For more information on available programs, visit NASA online at,, or


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