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June 18, 1998

Eileen Hawley/Doug Ward
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Release: J98-24

Ohio Media Invited to STS-95 Photo Opportunity

Ohio media organizations are invited to a June 25th photo opportunity with the crew of Shuttle mission STS-95, which includes Senator John Glenn.

Media will be able to photograph the astronauts as they prepare to support a planned four-hour simulation, and again at the conclusion of the training exercise. Video of the actual training exercise, which will be conducted in a full-size replica of the Shuttle, will be available to media. There is no opportunity for interviews or additional access to the astronauts.

Glenn, along with his crew mates – Commander Curt Brown, Pilot Steve Lindsey, Mission Specialists Steve Robinson, Scott Parazynski and European Space Agency astronaut Pedro Duque, along with Payload Specialist Chiaki Mukai of the Japanese Space Agency – will practice the procedures they will follow after Discovery reaches orbit.

The astronauts will enter the Shuttle mock-up wearing their Launch and Entry suits. Once on board, they will remove and stow the suits and begin breaking down and stowing the seats they occupy during the launch. They will then practice activating both the galley (kitchen) and waste containment system (toilet). At the conclusion of the exercise, the astronauts will leave the mockup and brief their training managers on the experience.

Experienced training managers will be available throughout the afternoon to provide expertise and insight into the crews’ overall training regime.

Media planning to attend this photo opportunity, must contact the Johnson Space Center newsroom by close of business June 23 for badging and registration. The newsroom may be reached by phone at 281/483-5111 or by fax at 281/483-2000. Media should arrive at the Johnson Space Center no later than 10 a.m. CDT for badging and to ensure they are in place prior to the start of the simulation, which is scheduled to begin at 12:45 p.m.


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