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May 7, 1998

James Hartsfield
Johnson Space Center, Houston
Phone: 281/483-5111

Release: J98-11

International Space Station Briefings Set May 12 at JSC

A series of briefings May 12 at the Johnson Space Center will present an overview and current status of the International Space Station and its first components and provide in-depth information on the station's orbital assembly and operations.

The briefings will begin at 8 a.m. CDT and be carried live on NASA Television. NASA Television is available on GE-2, transponder 9C at 85 degrees West longitude, with vertical polarization. Frequency is 3880.0 megahertz, with audio on 6.8 megahertz.

The briefings include (all times CDT):

8:00 a.m. International Space Station: Overview and Status Randy Brinkley, International Space Station Program Manager Franseco DiMauro, Director of the European Space Agency Houston Office

Koji Yanagawa, Director of the National Space Development Agency of Japan Houston Office Bryan Erb, Director of the Canadian Space Agency Houston Office Grigory Ossipov, Russian Space Agency Houston Office Representative

9:30 a.m. International Space Station: Research and Exploration Chuck Lloyd, Deputy Manager of the International Space Station Payloads Office Larry Delucas, Director of the Center for Macromollecular Crystallography Lisa Freed, Research Scientists with the Harvard-M.I.T. Division of Health Sciences Doug Cooke, Manager, JSC Exploration Office

11 a.m. NASA-TV Video File

11:30 a.m. International Space Station: First Elements Status Doug Drewry, Control Module (FGB) Launch Package Manager Bill Bastedo, Unity Node Launch Package Manager Bob Castle, Lead Flight Director for Shuttle Mission STS-88 Mark Geyer, Manager, International Space Station Russian Elements Office

1 p.m. International Space Station: Assembly in Orbit Kevin Chilton, Deputy Program Manager for Operations, International Space Station Keith Reiley, Manager, International Space Station Mission Integration Office Randy Stone, JSC Director of Mission Operations Greg Harbaugh, Manager, JSC Extravehicular Activity Project Office

2:30 p.m. Flight Control of the International Space Station Mark Kirasich, STS-88 International Space Station Flight Director John Curry, MCC-M Houston Support Group Lead for International Space Station Mark Severance, MCC-M Houston Support Group Representative

For media located at the Johnson Space Center, a local-only briefing starting at 3:30 p.m. will provide additional information on the logistics of covering the launch of the International Space Station's first component, the Control Module (FGB), from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazahkstan. This briefing will not be televised. Media not at JSC may obtain similar information concerning launch coverage of the Control Module by contacting the JSC or NASA HQ Newsrooms.


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