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November 7, 1996

Rob Navias
Johnson Space Center
(281) 483-5111

Release: J96-32


New Area Code For JSC

Beginning November 2, 1996, the area code for the Johnson Space Center was changed from (281) to 281 as a result of the Texas Public Utilities Commission’s recent decision to split area codes in the greater Houston metropolitan area.

The split is being implemented over a six-month transitional period during which a phone number in the new area can be accessed by dialing either the (281) or 281 area code. After May 3, 1997, the (281) code will be completely eliminated in the JSC area.

Local calls between the (281)/281 area codes will continue to be toll-free, but will require the full 10 digits to be dialed: the area code plus the seven digit number.

During this transition period, all programmed telephone numbers, including those in fax machines and computer modems, should be reprogrammed with the new area code. Numbers on faceplates should also be corrected to reflect the changes.


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