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June 13, 1997

Debra Rahn
Headquarters, Washington, DC
(Phone: 202/358-1639)

Kyle Herring
Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
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Release: 97-134

Astronauts McMonagle, Harbaugh Take on New Assignments

Astronaut Donald R. McMonagle has been named manager, Space Shuttle Launch Integration, at the Kennedy Space Center, FL, replacing Loren Shriver, effective Aug. 15, following the STS-85 mission.

The announcement by Shuttle Program Manager Tommy Holloway follows the appointment of Shriver earlier this week to the staff of Kennedy Director Roy D. Bridges, Jr., as deputy director, launch and payload processing.

McMonagle will begin the transition to his new position immediately. He will be responsible for final Shuttle preparation, mission execution and return of the Orbiter to Kennedy following landings at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.

As the first manager of the then-newly formed directorate-level position of manager, Extravehicular Activity Projects Office, McMonagle was responsible for overseeing the development of all spacewalk requirements, techniques and tasks for Shuttle-based missions as well as assembly and operation of the International Space Station.

Gregory J. Harbaugh has been named acting manager of the Extravehicular Activity Projects Office, replacing McMonagle. That appointment by Johnson Space Center Director George Abbey is effective immediately to allow a smooth transition between the two, prior to McMonagle's move to Kennedy.

Harbaugh has extensive background in spacewalking, having done so during two different Shuttle missions, STS-54 and STS-82. Prior to his most recent flight, Harbaugh trained as the backup spacewalk astronaut for the first servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope in 1993.

McMonagle and Harbaugh flew together on Shuttle flights STS-39 and STS-54. McMonagle was commander of his third mission, STS-66. Harbaugh also flew on STS-71, the first mission to dock with Russia's space station Mir, and most recently on the second servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (STS-82) in February.

For complete biographical information on McMonagle, Harbaugh and other astronauts, see the NASA Internet astronaut biography home page at:


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