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November 7, 1996

Edna Campos
Johnson Space Center
(281) 244-7853

Release: 96-31

NASA/JSC Inspection to Give Industry "Up Close" Look

The Johnson Space Center continues its tradition and commitment to transferring space technology back to the public by opening its doors to more than 1,500 business and industry leaders on Nov. 13-14 for an "up-close" look at the center’s capabilities and technologies.

The NASA/JSC Inspection will showcase space age technologies and expertise with more than 100 exhibits and programs in 17 buildings across the site.

"For more than three decades, JSC has been the world leader in human spaceflight operations," said JSC Director George Abbey. "At the heart of our capabilities are specialized technologies, expertise and facilities which make human spaceflight a reality."

"Much of the work we do – from developing spacecraft to fabricating equipment that astronauts use on orbit – has potential commercial applications. This event is an excellent opportunity for business and industry leaders to see our technical advances and discuss these activities with our engineers, scientists, and managers."

Business and technical leaders attending will represent a variety of non-aerospace industries including the petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, energy, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, medical and engineering fields. While about sixty percent are from Texas, the JSC Inspection participants represent industry interests from two dozen different states. They include chief executive officers, small business owners, technical specialists, design engineers and quality control experts.

"The technologies we must develop to use and explore space, as well as the micro-gravity environment itself, will enhance the lives of all people and generate growth in the business community," said Bob Holkan, chairman of the Inspection effort. "And just as there are many industries which can benefit from space technology, NASA can learn from industry. We are beginning partnerships for the future."

The JSC Inspection activities include:

· a presentation about the research that recently revealed evidence of possible primitive life on Mars. · a broad look at JSC’s Technology Transfer and Commercialization activities. · exhibits on how to do business with NASA. · tours of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station training facilities. · demonstrations of a robotics prototype trainer and virtual environment training techniques. · a demonstration of air and water purification systems. · an exhibit on the development of plant growth and artificial soils. · demonstrations of various manufacturing technologies such as rapid prototyping. · hands-on testing of systems designed to isolate experiments from vibration. · tours of the Mission Control Center. · exhibits and demonstrations of advances in medical technology such as an ear plug that can measure heart rate, pulse pressure and respiration, a thermoelectric test tube chiller, a drug microencapsulation system and telemedicine equipment and techniques. · tours of the Weightless Environment Training Facility and the new Sonny Carter Training Facility’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

All exhibits, tours and demonstrations will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. November 13 and 14. More information may also be obtained on the internet at:

EDITORS NOTE: On Tuesday, November 12 at 1 p.m., news media will be given a preview of selected technologies and facilities that will make up the inspection including evidence of primitive life on Mars, advanced robotic technology, plant growth and artificial soils, a robotic television satellite being developed for a future shuttle mission, a flight prototype of a proposed crew return vehicle called the X-38 and advanced medical technologies represented by devices such as a ventricular assist heart pump. Reporters interested in attending the preview should contact the JSC news room at (281) 483-5111.


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