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April 30, 1996

Don Savage
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Eileen Hawley
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Release: 96-014

Johnson Space Center Begins Process to Establish a National Space Biomedical Research Institute

NASA on Wednesday will take the first step in awarding a cooperative agreement to establish a National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) to lead efforts in biomedical research with the release of a draft solicitation for proposals.

Using NASA's expertise in space life sciences, its unique facilities and engineering assets, the NSBRI will support a wide variety of basic and applied biomedical sciences designed to support the presence of humans in space and to use that knowledge to enhance life on Earth.

"The concept of the Biomedical Research Institute is in keeping with our plans to more closely bind NASA's scientific knowledge and our immense engineering and technical resources to the community," said Johnson Space Center Director George W. S. Abbey. "This will reinforce our links with the external community and put NASA-driven technology in the hands of the business and academic communi


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