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March 26, 1996

Linda Copley
Johnson Space Center
(713) 483-8609

Release: 96-010

Second Space Station Incremental Design Review This Week

NASA, its international partners, and contractors meet this week at the Johnson Space Center for the second Space Station Incremental Design Review.

The three-day review, March 26, 27, and 28, will verify that the ISS system design will support requirements for safe and successful launch package integration, launch, on-orbit assembly, operations, and utilization of the vehicle.

The review will focus on the first eight flights of the Station assembly sequence, beginning with the launch in November 1997 of the Russian-built FGB control module, continuing through the installation in September 1998 of the large photovoltaic arrays which provide electrical power for the U.S. laboratory module, and concluding with launch of the U.S. lab in December 1998. It also will cover the status of all major Station subsystems and critical operations such as extra-vehicular activities and robotics and will review potential adjustments to the assembly sequence related to Russian segments of the Space Station.


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