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January 23, 1996
Kyle Herring

Release: 96-002

Final Group of Interviewees Here For Next Astronaut Class

The sixth and final group of prospective astronauts will be at NASA1s Johnson Space Center (JSC) January 26 for a week1s worth of orientation, interviews and medical evaluations.

The sixth group of 22 includes David C. Asjes (Lt. Cdr., USN), Hollywood, MD; Dr. Albert Assad, Boston, MA; Fernando Caldeiro, Merritt Island, FL; Charles J. Camarda, Ph.D., Virginia Beach, VA; Michael P. DeMasie, Houston, TX; Christopher J. Ferguson, (Lt. Cdr., USN), Blue Bell, PA; Stephen N. Frick, (Lieutenant, USN), California, MD; Charles R. Justiz, Ph.D., Seabrook, TX; Stephanie D. Leifer, Ph.D., Eugene, OR; Laura L. Lundquist, Boulder, CO; Dr. William E. Powers, Houston, TX; Jeffrey S. Ruth, (Lieutenant, USN), Oxnard, CA; Paul A. Sohl, (Lieutenant, USN), Ridgecrest, CA; Steven R. Swanson, Friendswood, TX; Michael J. Taschner, (Major, USAF), Edwards, CA; Tina F. Vargas, Redondo Beach, CA; Jeffrey N. Williams, (Major, USA), Middletown, RI; Rube B. Williams, Jr., Bryan, TX; Stephanie D. Wilson, Los Angeles, CA; Vincent J. Zaccardi, (Lt. Cdr., USN), Lexington Park, MD; George D. Zamka, (Major, USMC), Drayden, MD; and Fanny A. Zuniga, Santa Clara, CA.

The fifth group of candidates, currently being interviewed, includes Merri J. Sanchez, Houston, TX, who switched places with Ferguson because of a scheduling conflict.

Astronaut candidate selections are conducted approximately every 2 years. The number of candidates selected depends upon the Space Shuttle flight rate, overall program requirements and astronaut attrition.


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