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Jovan-Justine Love July 14, 1995

RELEASE: 95-049


NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin will be the keynote speaker on Thursday, July 20, at the National Technical Association (NTA) 67th annual conference at the Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston.

Mr. Goldin will address the group of distinguished African-American scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, on the topic "America's Future in Space Exploration." The conference is scheduled from July 19 - 22, 1995.

"Our Challenge is to ensure that minorities, women and youth in particular, will be skilled enough in the sciences to be architects of the technology required for workforce 2000 and beyond," said NTA Executive Director Dr. Mildred Fitzgerald-Johnson. "This year's overall conference theme is 'Global Information Space and Education,' which is consistent with President Clinton's goal for improving America's information infrastructure, quality of life, education, and economic strength through science and technology initiatives," she said.

A separate theme is highlighted for each day of the conference to cover a full range of topics important to African-American scientists and engineers. Day one is Global Information Day, day two is Aerospace Day, and day three is Education Day.

"NTA's mission is to be a minority voice in mathematics, science, engineering and technology," said Houston NTA conference coordinator Carrington Stewart.

This year's NTA conference also includes the presentation of Technical Achiever Image Awards to promote and recognize special achievements of African-



Americans in architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, computer science, science education, technical business, and institutions. The National Technical Association is celebrating its 70th anniversary as the oldest African-American technical organization in the country.

For further information about the NTA conference, contact Teresa A. J. Williams at the Johnson Space Center by telephone at (713) 483-8509 or by fax at (713) 483-0567.



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