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Kyle Herring June 15, 1995

RELEASE: 95-045


NASA is accepting applications for mission specialist and pilot astronaut positions effective immediately. Interested individuals may apply until the cut-off date of

June 30, 1995. Applications received after the deadline will be eligible for consideration

in the next selection cycle.

Successful pilot applicants typically have extensive piloting experience in high performance jet aircraft and flight test experience.

Successful applicants for the mission specialist positions typically have significant backgrounds in the sciences (materials science, Earth science, medical science and space science) or engineering.

After a 6-month process including screening applications and conducting interviews and medical evaluations, selections will be announced in the Spring with the new astronaut candidates reporting to the Johnson Space Center, Houston, in the summer of 1996.

"We are looking for multi-faceted individuals who are not only outstanding in their chosen disciplines but who will be able to handle various technical assignments, maintain spacecraft systems and experiments, work well with others and have excellent communications skills. We also like to have a balanced skill mix and a culturally diverse group in the astronaut corps," Director of Flight Crew Operations David C. Leestma said.

An application package may be obtained by calling the Astronaut Selection Office at

713 483-5907 or writing to:

NASA Johnson Space Center

Attn: AHX/Astronaut Selection Office

Houston, TX 77058

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