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Kyle Herring May 4, 1995

RELEASE: 95-035


Jonesboro, Arkansas, native William Reeves recently served as leader of a NASA consulting group working in Russia during the Space Shuttle mission that rendezvoused with the Russian Space Station Mir.

Made up of several experts from NASA's Mission Control in Houston, Texas, the consulting group worked with Russian counterparts in the Mission Control Center, Kaliningrad, just outside of Moscow during Discovery's STS-63 mission in February that maneuvered within 37 feet of the Mir station and conducted a 360-degree fly around of the orbiting laboratory.

The group provided technical support, as required, for activities that occurred between Discovery and Mir through the completion of the rendezvous. The group included veteran Flight Director William Reeves, who headed the consulting team, communications specialist Harry Black, rendezvous expert Todd Miller, public affairs officer Kyle Herring and Gail Schneider a timeline expert for astronaut activities during flight.

The rendezvous and fly-around marked a significant step in the growing cooperative effort between Russia and the United States leading toward development of the International Space Station scheduled to be assembled in space beginning in 1997.

The next joint Russian/U.S. space mission is the launch of Atlantis in June to perform the first docking with Mir. The flight, called STS-71, will launch with two cosmonauts to be dropped off at the Mir station and return two cosmonauts and American Astronaut Dr. Norman Thagard who have been aboard the space station since March 16.

Reeves has worked for 28 years at the NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, with 20 years experience as a flight controller. He was selected as a Space Shuttle Flight Director in 1983 and is responsible for the operational integration and implementation of Shuttle missions. He is the Lead Flight Director for STS 74, the second Shuttle/Mir docking mission scheduled for later this year.

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He graduated from Jonesboro High School in 1962, received a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1967, and a master of business administration from the University of Houston, Clear Lake in 1980.

His mother, Thelma Reeves still resides in Jonesboro. His father, James H. Reeves is deceased.


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