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Jovan-Justine Love April 25,1995

RELEASE: 95-031


Daughters of Johnson Space Center civil service and contractor employees will have the opportunity to experience life in the Space Program first hand during the second annual "Take Our Daughters to Work" Day, Thursday, April 27.

"We are very pleased to offer a day to girls to get an inside view of the Space Program and in particular the math, science, and engineering careers," said Pam Adams, who is coordinating this year's activities. "Employees are encouraged to bring their daughters to the learning activities that will be active and participatory in nature."

The day will begin with a special presentation for all program participants. Presenters are Dr. Tammy Jernigan, NASA Astronaut; Karen Ross, Boeing Food Technologist; Dr. Deborah Harm, NASA Senior Scientist; Marybeth Edeen, NASA Life Support Analyst; Gretchen Thomas, NASA Spacesuit Project Engineer; Anne Martt, Loral Senior Software Engineer; and Julie Henkener, NASA Materials Engineer.

"Seeing what is possible for their future careers will hopefully put into perspective the importance of excelling in math and science in school," Adams said.

Each girl will spend the remainder of the day observing and sharing in her sponsor's normal business activities. Space Center Houston also is providing tickets to its facility for the afternoon to the first 250 girls and their sponsors who attend the morning presentations.

"Take Our Daughters To Work" was created by the Ms. Foundation, a national multi-issue women's fund which supports the efforts of women and girls to govern their own lives and directs resources to activities that break down racial, age, and cultural barriers.


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Employees' sons will have a similar opportunity to experience their parent's workplaces on June 14, when JSC sponsors "Bring Our Sons to Work" Day.

"We believe it is important that children learn to work together at an early age so that it does not become a big ordeal when they get older," said Estella Gillette, Director of the Equal Opportunity Programs Office. Activities related to that program are still underway.

For more information regarding "Take Our Daughters To Work," contact Adams at 483-3761. Questions regarding "Bring Our Sons To Work" may be directed to Lupita Armendariz in the Equal Opportunity Programs Office at 483-0600.



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