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Kyle Herring March 27, 1995


Steve Duley

AlliedSignal Technical Services Corp.


RELEASE: 95-022


Astronaut Richard J. Hieb will leave NASA effective March 31 to join AlliedSignal Technical Services Corporation's Civilian Space business enterprise as senior engineering advisor.

"Rick has contributed significantly to the advancement of human space exploration in his years with NASA," said Chief Astronaut, Robert D. Cabana. "He's an extremely talented astronaut and a joy to work with. We're going to miss him."

At AlliedSignal Technical Services, Hieb will be responsible for developing and managing the company's commercial space business activities.

"I am excited to have someone of Rick's caliber at AlliedSignal Technical Services Corp," said Ivan Stern, president of AlliedSignal Technical Services Corp. "His unique experience and talent will help us grow our commercial business." Hieb's move to AlliedSignal Technical Services is effective April 3.

Selected as a member of the astronaut class of 1985, Hieb is a veteran of three Space Shuttle missions -- STS-39 in April/May 1991, STS-49 in May 1992 and STS-65 in

July 1994.

STS-39 was an unclassified Department of Defense mission aboard Discovery, which included the deployment and retrieval of an infrared satellite and the conduct of various other experiments.

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On STS-49, the maiden flight of Endeavour, Hieb was part of a crew sent to retrieve, repair and re-deploy a stranded Intelsat spacecraft. Three spacewalks were conducted -- including the first to ever involve three spacewalking astronauts -- to capture the satellite.

His last mission was as payload commander on STS-65 aboard Columbia. During the

15-day flight, more than 80 experiments focusing on material and life sciences research were conducted in a pressurized Spacelab module.

Prior to becoming an astronaut, Hieb served in Mission Control as an expert in on-orbit procedures development, particularly in rendezvous and proximity operations.

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