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Kyle Herring March 3, 1995

RELEASE: 95-017


Space Shuttle Astronaut Steven R. Nagel has retired from the Air Force and moved from the Astronaut Office to take the position of Deputy Director, Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance at the Johnson Space Center effective March 1.

In addition to serving as a crew member on four Shuttle flights, Nagel supported the Astronaut Office as a spacecraft communicator in Mission Control during some missions; the prime liaison with other organizations on the development of a crew escape system for the Shuttle and represented the Astronaut Office on Shuttle flight software verification. He also held several other positions in the Astronaut Office, including acting chief.

Nagel's four Shuttle missions included STS 51-G in June 1985 aboard Discovery during which three satellites were deployed and another was deployed and retrieved. His second mission on Challenger was STS 61-A in October/November 1985, the first Spacelab mission dedicated to Germany with payload activities monitored from a control center outside the United States.

On Atlantis' STS-37 mission in April 1991, Nagel commanded the deployment of the Gamma Ray Observatory which continues to explore gamma ray sources throughout the universe. His final mission was aboard Columbia on the STS-55 mission in April/May 1993. It was the second German Spacelab mission dedicated to the conduct of almost 90 experiments mirroring those that will be carried out on the future International Space Station.

Nagel's retirement as an Air Force Colonel was effective February 28.

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