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Kyle Herring March 1, 1995

RELEASE: 95-016


French astronauts Jean-Loup Chretien and Michel Tognini have reported to the Johnson Space Center, Houston, to exchange information and expertise they have obtained while training for -- and serving on -- separate missions aboard the Russian Mir space station.

The two astronauts have been assigned technical duties within the Astronaut Office to provide information and experiences acquired in their training for missions aboard Mir, which could be valuable in astronaut training for the ongoing Space Shuttle/Mir docking missions and the future International Space Station program. They will also participate in selected aspects of astronaut candidates training with the new class.

Chretien has flown twice aboard Russian space stations. The first in June/July 1982 was aboard the Salyut 7 station and the second aboard Mir in November/December 1988. The latter included the first spacewalk conducted by a non-Russian, non-U.S. space traveler. Between those flights, Chretien served as the alternate payload specialist to Patrick Baudry for Shuttle mission STS 51-G in June 1985.

Tognini flew aboard Mir in July/August 1992 conducting ten experiments carried to the station on an earlier Progress supply ship. He was the backup crew member to Chretien for the 1988 mission.

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