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James Hartsfield January 19, 1995


VAUGHAN TO BE CHIEF ENGINEER FOR INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATIONSenior JSC engineer Chester "Chet" A. Vaughan has been named to the newly created post of chief engineer for the International Space Station Program by Randy Brinkley, manager of the Space Station Program Office, and by JSC Director Dr. Carolyn Huntoon.

"As chief engineer, Chet will be responsible for asessing the technical adequacy of the International Space Station Program," Brinkley said. "His long-standing expertise, familiarity with the station design, forthright manner and excellent communications skills make him an excellent addition and asset for the team. Chet's assessments will serve as a constant double-check of the design approaches, and he is the type of person who will never be timid about bringing potential problems to our attention."

Vaughan, with technical support from engineering personnel at JSC and throughout NASA, will oversee an independent review of all technical activities for the station, ensuring that the designs are sufficient to satisfy the station's requirements and that proper testing and analysis are performed.

Vaughan is a 39-year veteran of NASA and has served the agency in a variety of engineering capacities throughout its history, having just completed a three-month rotational assignment as acting deputy center director at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Simultaneous with that assignment, Vaughan has served as the deputy director of engineering at JSC since October 1993. From December 1991 to October 1993, he served as the chief of the Propulsion and Power Division at JSC, and, from January to December 1991, he served as the chief engineer in the Office of Space Flight at NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. His engineering expertise has spanned the birth of NASA and all U.S. manned space flight programs.

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In his capacity as deputy director of engineering at JSC, Vaughan already has been serving as a technical adviser to the Space Station Program as well as a member of an independent assessment panel for the program.

"Chet's selection as chief engineer really just formalizes and expands a relationship he already has had with the program and provides more resources for him to draw upon to perform that function," Brinkley said.

Vaughan began his career with NASA in 1955 in the Cooperative Engineering Program at the Langley Research Center, Langley Field, Va.



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