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Kyle Herring January 13, 1995

RELEASE: 95-3TWO INTERNATIONAL CANDIDATES TO JOIN 1995 ASTRONAUT CLASSJapanese astronaut Takao Doi, Ph.D., representing the National Space Development Agency of Japan, and Canadian astronaut David R. Williams, M.D., of the Canadian Space Agency, will join the newest group of astronaut candidates as mission specialists.

Their selection brings to 21 the number of candidates selected for training as part of the astronaut class of 1995. The group consists of 11 mission specialists and 10 pilot candidates.

The candidates will report to the Johnson Space Center in March 1995 to begin a year of training and evaluation, followed by technical assignments within the Astronaut Office to further prepare them for assignment to Shuttle flight crews.

Biographical data on the two international astronauts follows.


NAME: Takao Doi, Ph.D.

BIRTHDATE/PLACE: September 18, 1954 - Minamitama-gun, Tokyo, Japan

EDUCATION: Ousaka-phu, Mikunigaoka High School 1973

Bachelor of Engineering, University of Tokyo 1978

Master of Engineering, University of Tokyo 1980

Doctorate in aerospace engineering, Univ. of Tokyo 1983

CURRENT POSITION: Japanese Astronaut

MARITAL STATUS: Hitomi Abe, Toukamachi, Niigata, Japan

NAME: Dafydd (David) Rhys Williams, M.D.

BIRTHDATE/PLACE: May 16, 1954 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

EDUCATION: Attended High School in Beaconsfield, Quebec

B.S. Biology, McGill University, Montreal 1976

MS Physiology Department, Doctorate of Medicine,

and Master of Surgery from McGill University 1983

CURRENT POSITION: Canadian astronaut

MARITAL STATUS: Cathy Fraser, Point-Claire, Quebec


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