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Rob Navias January 12, 1995


Veteran NASA manager and former flight director Jay H. Greene has been selected as the Orbiter Project Manager for the Johnson Space Center Projects Office.

Effective immediately, he will be responsible for the oversight of both NASA and contractor personnel at JSC involved in the preparation of Space Shuttles for flight and the technical management of Shuttle hardware.

Appointed by JSC Director Carolyn L. Huntoon, Greene succeeds Daniel M. Germany, who retired this month to go into private industry, and has named Jack C. Boykin to be Deputy Manager. Former deputy Philip Glynn has been named chief of the Structures and Mechanics Division of JSC's Engineering Directorate.

Boykin formerly served as deputy manager for integration in the Orbiter Project Office. Glynn's most recent assignment was deputy manager of the Orbiter Projects Office.

"Jay is an excellent choice for Orbiter Project Manager. His broad experience base in human space flight operations, engineering and program management will serve him well," said Huntoon.

Greene is a 30-year NASA veteran who served as a flight controller in both the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs and later as a shuttle flight director for ten missions, including lead flight director of STS 41-C, the 1984 Solar Max satellite repair mission, and STS 51-I, the 1985 mission in which a stranded LEASAT satellite was retrieved and repaired.

The Orbiter Project Office is the largest such office at JSC, and as manager, Greene will maintain a role as a close adviser to Huntoon in regard to orbiter processing and related activities.

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After serving as a flight director, Greene was named chief of the Safety Division at JSC in 1987 before becoming deputy manager of the Space Shuttle Program in 1989.

Following three years in that role, Greene assumed the role of Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration at NASA Headquarters, before returning to JSC as the manager of the Engineering Technology Office. He became associate director of Engineering at JSC last year.

In that position, Greene provided the technical management for engineering design and the development and test activities for human space flight programs such as the Shuttle, the International Space Station and other advanced programs.



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