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RELEASE: 94-061 September 1, 1994


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Boeing Company today announced agreement on the key elements of the prime contract for the International Space Station.

The agreement establishes, for the first time, a joint position by NASA and its prime contractor on the scope of work, program schedule, cost ceiling and fee arrangement by fiscal year and at completion; establishes contractual terms and conditions; and clears the way for finalizing the contract before the end of the year.

Space Station Program Director Wilbur Trafton said the agreement reinforces NASA's confidence the station will be completed on schedule and within the budget limits set by the President and ratified recently by both Houses of Congress.

Randy Brinkley, Space Station Program Manager, noted the agreement marks the third major program milestone completed on schedule this year following the System Design review in March and the signing of a contract in June with Russia's Space Agency.

"The agreement is a testament to months of intensive effort by the joint NASA/contractor teams which have reviewed every facet of the program in search of the efficiencies and cost savings needed to keep the program on schedule and within budget," Brinkley said.

"We now have the ingredients in place, including a strong, well-defined team, to devote our attention to building the station," said Larry Winslow, Boeing Space Station vice president. "This agreement provides the structure and direction that we all understand and can apply to the challenges ahead."

Boeing currently is operating under a letter contract signed in February. The letter contract will remain in force while remaining details are worked out on the definitized contract in the next few months.

The next major milestone for the International Space Station Program is the Interim Design Review scheduled for March 1995. Launch of the first element of the Station, the FGB propulsion and control module, remains on schedule for November 1997.



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