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Kyle Herring July 12, 1994

RELEASE: 94-047


Astronaut William F. Readdy will replace Kenneth D. Cameron (Colonel, USMC) as NASA manager of operational activities at Star City, Russia. As Director of Operations,

Russia, Readdy will work with Russian trainers, engineers and flight controllers to support the training of NASA astronauts at Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City, and to

enhance continued cooperation between NASA and Russia's Space Agency (RSA).

Readdy's primary responsibilities will include the support of U.S. astronauts and their families currently living in Star City. He also will monitor the current training program as well as develop a syllabus for Shuttle crews training to dock with the Mir space station. In addition, he will establish and maintain the operational relationships required to help develop plans and procedures which support the long-term, joint operations between NASA, RSA and Star City.

Readdy will join fellow astronauts Norman E. Thagard, M.D., and Bonnie J. Dunbar, Ph.D., who have been training in Star City since February as the prime and backup crew members for a 3-month flight aboard Mir. Thagard is scheduled to be launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft March 1, 1995. Following his three-month stay on Mir, the crew of

mission STS-71, which will include Dunbar as a mission specialist, will dock Space

Shuttle Atlantis to Mir. It will be the first of up to 10 Shuttle visits that will be made to the Russian space station during the 1995-1997 time frame.

Readdy has flown on two Shuttle missions, STS-42 in January 1992 and STS-51 in September 1993 -- both aboard Discovery. On the STS-42 flight, Readdy participated in

various scientific experiments carried out as part of the first International Microgravity

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Laboratory (IML-1) mission. As the pilot of STS-51, Readdy participated in the deployment of the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS), and the deployment and retrieval of the Astro SPAS (Shuttle Pallet Satellite). He also helped supervise a seven-hour spacewalk designed to evaluate tools and techniques used

during the Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission and on future space missions.

A Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Readdy earned a bachelor of science degree in aeronautical engineering from the Naval Academy in 1974.

Cameron also has flown twice on the Shuttle. His first flight was on Atlantis' STS-37 mission in 1991 to deploy the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. His second mission was on Discovery's STS-56 flight in 1993 to continue studies of the Earth's atmosphere as part of a series of missions called Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science (ATLAS). Cameron will return to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and is expected to command another Shuttle mission in the near future.


P July 12, 1994

TO: All Public Affairs

FROM: P/Associate Administrator for Public Affairs

SUBJECT: News Chief Selection

I am pleased to announce that Brian Welch has been selected to the position of Chief, News and Information, at NASA Headquarters, effective immediately.

Brian brings almost 15 years of NASA Public Affairs experience to the post, beginning as a public affairs co-op student at Langley Research Center and then moving to Johnson Space Center, where he held several positions. Most recently, he has been Deputy News Chief at JSC, but has also served there as a mission commentator for almost three dozen Space Shuttle missions and as manager of JSC's mission commentary team for several years.

He has recently worked two details at Headquarters, including several months last year as speechwriter for Administrator Goldin, and this year in support of the Space Station information effort.

Brian's experience as a longtime NASA spokesman, his breadth of knowledge about the agency and its programs, and his thorough hands-on newsroom experience will continue to serve NASA well as he takes on this new challenge.

Dwayne Brown, who has served as Acting News Chief since early May, will continue to serve in the Newsroom as Brian's deputy. Dwayne has done an exceptional job during this interim period, during which the Newsroom handled a heavy workload with a reduced staff. He instituted a number of improvements and efficiencies that will be continued in the future.

I have every confidence that Brian and Dwayne will make a solid leadership team for the Headquarters Newsroom.

Laurie Boeder


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