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Kyle Herring

RELEASE: 94-033 May 2, 1994



In an effort to improve the timeliness of information released to the news media about Space Shuttle missions, NASA has announced that the six astronauts who have recently returned from Endeavour's mission will be available for interviews as time permits during their debriefing schedule.

Typically, astronauts have been available for interviews following completion of mission debriefings, which usually last about two weeks. This earlier one-on-one interview availability replaces the standard post-flight press conference.

During the STS-59 mission, Commander Sid Gutierrez, Pilot Kevin Chilton and Mission Specialists Jay Apt, Rich Clifford, Linda Godwin and Tom Jones worked around the clock on two shifts using sensitive radar equipment to help understand global changes in the environment.

Endeavour's flight was the first flight of the Space Radar Laboratory. During the 11-day mission, almost 25 percent of the Earth's surface was mapped. A second flight of the equipment is scheduled for August.

The crew will show video highlights and slides from the flight during a presentation to employees at the Johnson Space Center, Houston, May 10, beginning at 3:30 p.m. CDT.

The presentation will be preceded by the award of Space Flight Medals to the astronauts.

The briefing will be carried on NASA television. News media are invited to attend but questions are limited to employees only. NASA television is carried on Spacenet 2,

transponder 5, channel 9, located at 69 degrees West longitude, with a frequency of

3880 MHz.

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