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Brian Welch February 1, 1994

RELEASE: 94-013


Assignments for several key staff members and the elimination of three offices were announced today by Johnson Space Center Director Dr. Carolyn L. Huntoon.

"These changes are the first of many that will help us align the Center's organizations to more effectively support the challenges we face in the 1990s," Huntoon said. "Since JSC was named the host center for the Space Station program, we have been working to find new efficiencies and better ways to support such a large undertaking. These changes will help us get where we want to go."

The organizational changes include abolishment of the New Initiatives Office and the closeout of the Space Station Freedom Projects Office. Huntoon also announced that the functions of the Joint U.S. Russian Federation Programs Office will be absorbed by the new Space Station Program Office.

"In order to more effectively focus our efforts on our principal program responsibilities, we will begin immediately the process of realigning the functions and personnel of the New Initiatives Office," Huntoon said.

With staffing of the new Space Station Program Office well underway and most employees of the old Freedom Projects Office reassigned elsewhere, that office is now officially closed, Huntoon announced. In addition, the functions of the U.S./Russian Federation Programs Office will be combined with the Space Station Program Office.


Huntoon also announced several key personnel assignments. Joseph P. Loftus, formerly Associate Director (Plans), will join the Space and Life Sciences Directorate, where he will continue his efforts to understand and minimize problems associated with orbital debris. JSC is one of the world's leading organizations in analyzing this emerging spacefaring concern.

Clarke C. Covington, formerly special assistant to the Director, will move to the Center Operations Directorate, where he will conduct a bottom-up review of all Center facilities in support of the Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs. "Clarke will make recommendations for any immediate changes which will allow us to more effectively support those programs," Huntoon said.

Nancy G. Robertson, formerly assistant to the Director for education, will move to the Public Affairs Office and lead a newly formed Education Branch.

Harold S. Stall will resume his role as Director, Public Affairs, returning from his assignment as the primary JSC interface with Space Center Houston. Stall will continue to serve as President of the Manned Space Flight Education Foundation, Inc., which operations Space Center Houston.

Douglas K. Ward, who has served as Acting Director, Public Affairs, will continue as Deputy Director of that organization and assume responsibility for program support. In this role, he will be principal spokesperson for the Space Station Program and will serve as a focal point to assure that JSC public affairs resources are provided to the Space Station and Space Shuttle programs.

Huntoon also announced the formation of a small office on her staff to focus JSC efforts in technology transfer and commercialization. Henry Davis, formerly of Corning, Inc., will head the office as a special assistant to Huntoon.

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