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Jeff Vincent

Headquarters, Washington, D.C. January 6, 1994

(Phone: 202/358-1898)



NASA Administration Daniel S. Goldin announced today a number of management appointments and organization structural changes at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC and at various NASA field centers.

"These appointments and realignments will enhance and strengthen the agency's programs and institutions," Goldin said. "They will affect NASA science, technology, research facilities and major programs, as well as the agency's Advisory Committee structure. All will benefit.

"The appointments and the emphasis they bring to their respective areas of expertise are in keeping with the President's goal to make government less expensive and more efficient, and to reinvigorate NASA."


Ames Research Center

Dr. Ken K. Munechika has been appointed Director of the Ames Research Center, Mountian View, Calif. He has been serving as the Executive Director of the Office of Space Industry of the State of Hawaii. He previously held a number of key management and technical positions during a distinguished 31-year Air Force career. His last Air Force assignment was as Senior Commander of the Onizuka Air Force Base, Sunnyvale, Calif.

Dr. Dale Compton, the present director of Ames, plans to retire on Jan. 28. Goldin said that Compton will be working with Munechika to affect a smooth transition. "The Ames Research Center will continue to play a major role in aeronautics becoming, along with the Langley Research Center, a Center of Excellence for Aeronautics." Goldin said. "These centers will provide an essential function supporting the U.S. aeronautics industry in maintaining a competitive edge and an advanced and far-reaching research capability."

Dryden Flight Research Facility

Effective March 1, 1994, the Dryden Flight ResearchFacility will be established as a separate entity, and will no longer be a part of the Ames Research Center. Kenneth J. Szalai, who currently heads Dryden as a deputy director of Ames, has been appointed as the new director of Dryden, reporting directly to Wesley Harris, Associate Administrator for Aeronautics. Goldin said the Szalai "will develop a timely transition plan to reflect the establishment of Dryden as a seperate entity with responsibility for all functions related to its management.

"Operating as a seperate facility, Dryden will be able to support the agency's aeronautics and space programs in a streamlined manner, by working directly to serve each of the research and flight centers," Goldin said. He said that Dryden will work with the centers and aerospace community customers to formulate adn implement flight research and test programs and streamline program execution. Project reporting lines will directly link the centers and the NASA Headquarters offices that Dryden supports.


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