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Barbara L. Schwartz January 3, 1994

RELEASE: 94-001


NASA will tell business and industry representatives how to access space age technology at the Dual-Use Space Technology Conference to be held February 1-3 at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Over 100 papers and 30 exhibits will be presented to promote technology transfer from the space program to business and industry. Exhibits and presentations will deal with software and computer technology, robotics and automation, communications and data processing, materials technology, medical and life sciences and other areas.

"The focus of this conference is to closely bridge the space community with industry," according to Dr. Kumar Krishen, program co-chairman. "To date, space research and technology has resulted in thousands of 'spinoffs' or secondhand uses of this technology. We believe there are many more such applications for this technology in the private sector. This conference will help people find them."

Commercial applications of space technology can be found in the health and medical fields, public safety, education, communications and information systems and many other areas.

The three-day conference will be held at the Gilruth Recreation Center at JSC. Cost for all three days is $225 or $100 for a single day. For more information on how to register, call 713-286-2102.

Sponsors include NASA, the Texas Department of Commerce, the Greater Houston Partnership, the Clear Lake Economic Development Council, the University of Houston-Clear Lake and several other organizations.


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