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Kyle Herring November 10, 1993

RELEASE: 93-084


A series of background briefings for Space Shuttle mission STS-61 will be held Nov. 18, 1993, at the Johnson Space Center, Houston, and the Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., beginning at 8:00 a.m. CST.

Endeavour's fifth flight is the first scheduled servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope since it was launched 3 years ago. The STS-61 mission will be highlighted by a record five planned spacewalks during the 11-day flight to upgrade systems on the telescope that were planned for the first servicing mission as well as replace components that have degraded or failed during the observatory's first 3 years in orbit.

A briefing agenda is attached. All briefings will be broadcast on NASA Select television with two-way audio for questions from participating NASA locations. NASA Select is carried on GE Satcom F2R, transponder 13, 72 degrees west longitude.

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Thursday, November 18, 1993

(All times listed are EST)

9-10 a.m.Mission Overview (JSC)

Randy Brinkley, Mission Director

Milt Heflin, Lead Flight Director

10-12 a.m.Crew Briefing (JSC)

Commander Richard O. Covey

Pilot Kenneth D. Bowersox

Payload Commander Story Musgrave

Mission Specialist Tom Akers

Mission Specialist Jeffrey A. Hoffman

Mission Specialist Claude Nicollier

Mission Specialist Kathryn C. Thornton

1-2 p.m.Mission Overview (GSFC)

Ken Ledbetter, Program Manager

Joe Rothenberg, Flight Projects Manager

Dr. Ed Weiler, Program Scientist

Dr. David Leckrone, Senior Scientist

2-3 p.m.Technical Presentations (GSFC)

Larry Simmons, WF/PC II Project Manager

Dr. John Trauger, WF/PC II Project Scientist

Jim Crocker, COSTAR Team Leader

Dr. Holland Ford, COSTAR Project Scientist

Derek Eaton, ESA HST Project Manager


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