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Kyle Herring October 7, 1993

RELEASE: 93-076


On Friday, Oct. 8, 1993, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CDT, a Joint Integrated Simulation for Shuttle mission STS-61, the first Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission, will be carried on NASA Select television. This activity will simulate that portion of the mission in which the replacement of HST's Wide Field/Planetary Camera is planned.

Simulation exercises provide the opportunity for all elements of the mission team -- flight crew, Shuttle and payload ground controllers, and Shuttle and payload

managers -- to carry out critical portions of a mission in an environment in which simulated circumstances require on-the-spot reworking of schedules and procedures.

NASA television will provide media representatives an opportunity to observe a significant example of the ongoing preparation of the STS-61 team to react and respond to situations that could develop as they execute the actual mission. Although the mission timelines reflect the most efficient route to mission completion assuming no unexpected developments, the team's ability to adapt plans to changing or unexpected conditions may become more important to mission success than the timelines. The STS-61 team is being trained to carry out more specific tasks than are actually expected to be accomplished in order to ensure that any adjustments due to unexpected developments will result in the best use of astronaut on-orbit and space-walk time.

Most NASA newsrooms will operate during normal working hours for the simulation. Public affairs commentary on the simulation will originate from the Johnson Space Center in Houston and be carried live during the exercise. NASA Select is carried on Satcom F2R, transponder 13, 72 degrees west longitude, frequency 3954.5 MHz, vertical polarization, audio 6.8 MHz.



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