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Barbara Schwartz August 23, 1993

RELEASE 93-067 Noon CDT


USMC Colonel Robert D. Cabana will command the STS-65 mission

scheduled for the summer of 1994 aboard Columbia. Other crew members

are pilot USAF Major James D. Halsell, Jr., and mission specialist USAF

Major Carl E. Walz. Crew members previously named are payload

commander Richard J. Hieb, who was named in September 1992, mission

specialists Leroy Chiao, Ph.D., and Donald A. Thomas, Ph.D., and Japanese

payload specialist Chiaki Mukai, Ph.D. and M.D., named in October 1992.

The STS-65 mission will fly the International Microgravity Laboratory

(IML-2), which has a complement of international experiments focusing on

materials and life sciences research in microgravity. The experiments are

being developed by 80 principal investigators from more than 13 countries.

The payload crew members will perform the experiments during a 13-day

mission while the orbiter is flown in a "gravity gradient" stabilized attitude

(tail toward Earth) to maintain the best possible laboratory conditions with

the least gravitational disturbances in the Spacelab.

Cabana, 44, was pilot on STS-41 in October 1990, a mission to

deploy the Ulysses spacecraft for its 4-year journey to study Jupiter, and on

STS-53 in December 1992, a Department of Defense mission. He was born

in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and received a bachelor of science degree in

mathematics from the United States Naval Academy in 1971.

Halsell, 36, was born in Monroe, Louisiana, and received a master of

science degree in space operations from the Air Force Institute of

Technology in 1985. Halsell was selected for the astronaut corps in

January 1990, and this is his first Space Shuttle mission.



Walz, 37, is a mission specialist on STS-51 scheduled for September 1993,

which will deploy the U.S. Advanced Communications Technology Satellite

and deploy and retrieve the Shuttle Pallet Satellite, during the 9-day mission.

Walz was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and received a master of science degree

in solid state physics from John Carroll University, Ohio, in 1979.



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