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Jeffrey E. Carr June 25, 1993

RELEASE: 93-048

NOTE TO EDITORS: Endeavour Crew Inflight Press Conference Set

A NASA-televised press conference with the astronauts aboard Endeavour will be conducted on Monday, June 28, 1993 at 6:07 a.m. central time. The conference will be extended to correspondents at selected NASA news centers based on expected levels of participation. News media who have an interest in participating should notify the Johnson Space Center news center at

713-483-5111 no later than 5 p.m. central time Saturday.

Participating correspondents should be in place and ready to go no later than 5:50 a.m. central time. A rotation will be established by the moderators in advance of the event, and each correspondent will be permitted one question. If time permits, a second round of questions may be conducted. In the interest of making the most of the short time available, participants are encouraged to speak clearly, keep questions short, and direct them to specific crewmembers as appropriate.

The event will be carried live on NASA Select television, which is broadcast on GE Satcom F2R transponder 13.

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