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Barbara Schwartz June 1, 1993

RELEASE 93-038


Astronaut Story Musgrave developed a mild case of frostbite on the fingers of his right hand during an equipment test in the Thermal Vacuum Chamber B at Johnson Space Center on Friday, May 28.

Musgrave reported his hand feeling cold during the 8-hour training session, but he elected to finish the test. Musgrave was in a pressure suit testing equipment and tools in the vacuum chamber in preparation for the December Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission.

After leaving the chamber and removing the spacesuit, Musgrave reported numbness in and discoloration of his fingers. He was examined by a NASA physician and appropriate therapy was instituted. It is anticipated that Musgrave's condition will resolve quickly with little impact to training and no impact to the mission.

"The crew is going to Marshall (Space Flight Center) later this month for exercises in the NBS (Neutral Buoyancy Simulator) to validate the spacewalk timelines. Story may be limited in his suited activities, but he is already way ahead of other crew members as far as training is concerned because of his long involvement with the Hubble servicing mission," crew commander Dick Covey said.



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