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Barbara Schwartz May 12, 1993

RELEASE No. 93-036


The STS-57 Space Shuttle mission preflight briefings will be held May 18 at the Johnson Space Center, Houston, building 2, room 135.

The STS-57 mission will include the retrieval of the European Retrievable Carrier, the first flight of SPACEHAB (a laboratory for commercial experiments), the Super Fluid Helium On-Orbit Transfer experiment and a spacewalk.

A briefing agenda is attached. All briefings will be carried on NASA Select television with two-way audio for questions from participating NASA locations. NASA Select programming is carried on SATCOM F2R, transponder 13, located at 72 degrees west longitude.



May 18, 1993

Time CDT Briefing Location

8:30 a.m. Mission Overview JSC

Al Pennington, Lead Flight Director

9:30 EURECA (European Retrievable Carrier) KSC

Alan Dover, EURECA Manager at KSC

Dr. Rafaello Carli, EURECA Instrument Engineer


Dan Bland, Manager, Commerical Middeck NASA HQ

Augmentation Module Project Office

Andrew Dougherty, Spacehab Utilization Manager

Ana Villamil, Deputy, Spacehab Processing Division

11:00 SHOOT (Super fluid Helium On-Orbit Transfer) GSFC

Neal Barthelme, Mission Manager

Dr. Michael DiPirro, Principal Investigator

1:30 p.m. EVA (Extravehicular Activity or "Spacewalk") JSC

Richard Fullerton, EVA/Crew Systems Section

3:00 STS-57 Crew JSC

Ronald Grabe, Commander

Brian Duffy, Pilot

David Low, Payload Commander

Nancy Sherlock, Mission Specialist

Janice Voss, Mission Specialist

Jeff Wisoff, Mission Specialist


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