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Barbara Schwartz May 4, 1993

RELEASE NO. 93-032


Dr. M. Rhea Seddon, payload commander on Spacelab Life Sciences-2 mission scheduled for launch this fall, broke four metatarsal bones in her left foot during a routine training exercise at Johnson Space Center's orbiter training facility May 3.

The STS-58 crew was practicing emergency egress from the orbiter, using an inflatable slide similar to those used by the airline industry for landing emergencies to evacuate passengers. As Dr. Seddon was sliding down the slide, her left foot became pinned under her, causing four minor bones to break.

"There will be no impact to the mission because of Dr. Seddon's injury. She may miss a small amount of training in the next two weeks, but she is an experienced astronaut and most of these early training activities are refresher courses. She will return to full-time training in two to four weeks," Flight Crew Operations Director David C. Leestma said.

A safety review team lead by Gary Jackson of JSC's Safety Division has been established as a precautionary measure to investigate the incident.



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