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Barbara Schwartz March 17, 1993

RELEASE No. 93-021


The STS-56 preflight briefings will be held March 19 at the Johnson Space Center, Houston, building 2, room 135. A segment of the mission overview and the Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science (ATLAS) briefing will originate from the Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala. Reporters may cover the briefings at NASA Headquarters or other NASA centers.

ATLAS 2 is the second in a series of Space Shuttle flights to track subtle, year-to-year variations in the chemistry of Earth's atmosphere and the sun's energy output. Its highly calibrated instruments also will provide a check on data from several free-flying satellites. Atlas 1 flew aboard STS-45 in March 1992. STS-56 also will deploy SPARTAN 201, a free-flying satellite to study the sun's corona and the solar wind.

All briefings will be carried on NASA Select television with two-way audio for questions from participating NASA locations. NASA Select programming is

carried on SATCOM F2R, transponder 13, located at 72 degrees west longitude.

A briefing agenda is attached.




March 19, 1993

Time (CST) Briefing Moderator

8:30 a.m. Mission Overview James Hartsfield

Chuck Shaw, Lead Flight Director (JSC)

Teresa Vanhooser Jim Sahli


9:30 Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications Jim Sahli

and Science (MSFC)

Dr. Timothy Miller, Mission Science

Dr. Michael Gunson, Atmospheric Science

10:35 SPARTAN James Hartsfield

Jack Pownell, NASA Mission Manager (JSC)

Richard Fisher, Principal Investigator

White Light Coronagraph

John Kohl, Principal Investigator

Ultraviolet Coronal Spectrometer

11:10 Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiments James Hartsfield

Briefer TBD (JSC)

11:40 Lunch

1:00 p.m. Department of Defense Experiments James Hartsfield

Overview (JSC)

Capt. David B. Goldstein, USAF

STS-56 DOD Payload Mission Manager

HERCULES (Earth-targeting camera)

Capt. John Hennessey, USAF

HERCULES Project Manager

Space Tissue Loss

Col. William P. Wiesmann, M.D.

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

2:00 STS-56 Crew Briefing Barbara Schwartz

Ken Cameron, Commander (JSC)

Steve Oswald, Pilot

Ken Cockrell, Mission Specialist

Mike Foale, Mission Specialist

Ellen Ochoa, Mission Specialist


- end -

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