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Kyle Herring February 25, 1993

RELEASE NO. 93-012


Jack C. Boykin has been named Space Station Project Manager at the Johnson Space Center. JSC Director Aaron Cohen said the move was part of a broader initiative to assure the strongest possible management team to lead the project through the coming space station redesign and restructuring.

Boykin has been serving as acting project manager since the February 12 reassignment of John Aaron from the space station project to the position of Assistant Director of Engineering.

Cohen said Boykin has demonstrated the strong managerial and technical skills needed to head the project during this transitional period. "In his previous role as Deputy Space Station Project Manager, and during his tenure to date as acting manager, Jack has proven his abilities both to provide strong team leadership and to serve as a member of the overall space station program team," Cohen said.

Other actions to strengthen space station project management and oversight at the Johnson Space Center also were announced today by Cohen, who said the moves will include an independent assessment of the JSC space station project; initiatives to improve contractor efficiencies; and establishment of a work planning, performance, and reporting capability within the space station project.

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Several of these actions were recommended by JSC's Director of Mission Operations, Eugene Kranz, following a review of Space Station Freedom management and integration commissioned by Cohen last October.

"I have asked Gene to continue his oversight activities and to serve as my principal adviser in implementing these actions," Cohen said.

In announcing the initiatives, Cohen said, "JSC's vital role in the space station program dictates that the Center also play a leading role in solving recent problems with cost growth and that we begin by getting our own work package in order." He added, "I am confident that if we work as a team we can solve these problems and can achieve our space station program objectives on schedule and within cost, as we have promised to Congress and to the American people."

In addition to formalizing Kranz's internal oversight responsibilities, Cohen said he has appointed veteran Astronaut Dave Walker to head a review team of JSC engineers at McDonnell Douglas' Huntington Beach, Calif., plant where development and construction of JSC-managed space station elements are under way.

Douglas Cooke, who currently manages JSC's Exploration Programs Office, has been reassigned to the new position of Chief Engineer for Space Station. Cohen said the assignment of Cooke to this position on the staff of the Director of Engineering will help focus vital engineering support to space station and will assure that the project receives the highest possible priority.

Cohen said a search is under way for a distinguished figure in the space community to contribute to the ongoing operational assessment of space station management systems utilized by the Center and its space station contractors. "We are looking for a highly qualified figure to assist us and to recommend steps for improving the project's management and oversight of both prime and sub contracts. I expect to select such an individual in the near future," Cohen said.



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