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Kari Fluegel Feb. 23, 1993

Release No. 93-011


NASA and The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) recently developed a post-residency training opportunity for a limited number of qualified physicians in the emerging discipline of space medicine .

Beginning this summer the first two fellows will begin a two-year program of space medicine training. An agreement between UTMB and the Space and Life Sciences Directorate of the Johnson Space Center was initiated Feb. 3.

The two-year space medicine fellowship program is designed to focus on the clinical, research and operational activities of manned space flight.

The primary objective of the Space Medicine Fellowship is to train and prepare physicians to become accredited experts with knowledge and experience in space medicine and space biomedical research. The program will help develop a new generation of specialists who have a comprehensive background in clinical space medicine and the operational environment of space. It also will support the development of research in space medicine and the United States space program through operational and research expertise that will enhance human health and performance for advanced space missions.

UTMB and NASA are currently planning the program's curriculum and plan to interview prospective candidates soon.

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