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James Hartsfield February 12, 1993

Release No. 93-009

Flight Control Of STS-55

Flight control fo STS-55, the 14th voyage of Columbia, will follow the procedures and traditions common to U.S. manned space flight since 1965, when the Mission Control Center was first used.

Responsiblity for conducting Shuttle Operations will revert to the Mission Control Center (MCC) in Houston once Columbia's two solid rocket boosters ignite. Mission support in the MCC will begin five hours prior to launch and continue through landing.

The primary objective of STS-55, a German-United States cooperative flight, is for the shuttle ot provide a stable platform for research in the Spacelab-D2 laboratory module in Columbia's cargo bay. While Mission Control will retain the responsiblity and final decision-making authroty for shuttle operations on STS-55, control of the science operatiosn within the Spacelab module wil be conducted from the German Aerospace Research establishm (DLR) Space Operations Control Center (GSOC) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, near Munich. A Crew Interface Coorddinator (CIC) at the GSOC will be able to speak directly with the Spacelab crew via air-to-ground communications to facilitate payload operations.

Orbiter operations will be conducted from Flight Control Room Two (FCR-2) on the third floor of the MCC located in Bldg. 30 at the Johnson space Center. The teams of flight controllers will alternate shifts in the control center and in nearby analysis and support facilities. The handover between each team takes about an hour and allows eachflight controller to brief his or her replacement on developments during the previous two shifts.

The flight control teams for this mission will be referred to at the Ascent/Entry, Orbit 1, Orbit 2, and Orbit 3. The ascent and entry phases as well as the Orbit 1 shift will be conducted by Flight Director Wayne Hale. The Orbit 2 team will be directed by lead Flight Director by STS-55 Gary Coen. The Orbit 3 team will be headed by Flight Director Milt Heflin.

Attached is a personnel roster of flight controllers for STS-55 and a Trajectory Sequence of Events, outlining the planned trajectory for Columbia during its ascent to orbit.



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