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Barbara Schwartz January 21, 1993

Release No. 93-004


The STS-54 postflight crew press conference is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 1, at 3 p.m. CST, in building 2, room 135, at the Johnson Space Center.

Crew members will narrate slides and film from their recent mission. During their Space Shuttle flight, they deployed a communications satellite, acquired data on the remnants of a super nova in our galaxy, performed a spacewalk, conducted more scientific experiments to help the medical community improve medical treatment here on Earth, and interacted with elementary students, teaching physics lessons using toys to demonstrate various principles of motion.

News media are invited to participate on location at JSC or by two-way audio from NASA Headquarters and other centers. The briefing will be carried on NASA Select television, SATCOM F2R, transponder 13, located at 72 degrees west longitude.


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