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Barbara Schwartz January 5, 1993

Release No. 93-001


Jeffrey E. Carr has been named chief of the Johnson Space Center's Media Services Branch, Office of Public Affairs, succeeding John E. Riley, who retired Dec. 31, 1992.

The Media Services Branch oversees all news media relations including press conferences and interviews; operating the JSC news center; preparing and issuing news releases; responding to news media queries; and approving contractor press releases. Additionally, the branch is responsible for publishing the employee newspaper and providing mission commentary during space flight missions.

The branch is also responsible for coordinating all audiovisual resources, maintaining historical documentation, providing research and editing services, and distributing still photographs, motion picture, and audio and video products to the communications industry.

Carr received a bachelor of science degree in communications from the University of Texas, Austin, in 1982, majoring in radio, television, and film. After graduation he came to work at JSC as a media producer and technical director for Media Services Corporation, the media contractor for the Public Affairs Office. He joined McDonnell-Douglas Technical Services Company in 1984 in support of the Shuttle Program Office, conducting NASA television network planning and operations, and returned to Media Services Corporation in 1985.

Since joining NASA in 1987, Carr has served as a mission commentator and public affairs officer for Flight Crew Operations and Mission Operations, and acting manager of mission commentary.

Carr is married to the former Nellie Lee Needham, a Shuttle payloads engineer, and is the son of former astronaut Gerald P. Carr and attorney JoAnn Ruth Petrie Carr. The Carrs reside in Seabrook, TX.



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