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jsc2009e039622 -- Astronaut Christopher Cassidy
Image above: Astronaut Christopher Cassidy participates in a spacesuit fit check in the Crew Systems Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Credit: NASA

News Releases and Status Reports

JSC News Releases
JSC publishes numerous press releases covering such topics as onsite events, media events, scientific discoveries and astronaut activities.

JSC Shuttle Status Reports
JSC publishes shuttle status reports during shuttle missions. Issued twice a day, the reports preview and recap mission events such as spacewalks, station dockings, science experiments and more.

JSC Station Status Reports
View the JSC space station status report archive.


JSC Features  →
JSC Features provides interesting stories on the people, activities and news happening at Johnson Space Center. Updated regularly.
Space Center Roundup  →
The Roundup is published quarterly by JSC Public Affairs and provided to center employees.
JSC Fact Sheets
Refer to JSC's Fact Sheet Library for press kits, mission synopses, statistical information and much more.
JSC Media Info
News media representatives who are interested in covering JSC must contact the Office of Public Affairs Newsroom at (281) 483-5111 for information about site visits, badging and mission accreditation, interviews and press information.

More Information

Station News and Media Resources
Check out the latest station news, press kits and briefing materials.
Shuttle News and Media Resources
Check out the latest shuttle status reports, press kits and briefing materials.
NASA Television is a resource designed to provide real-time coverage of NASA activities and missions, as well as providing resource video to the news media, and educational programming to teachers, students and the general public.
Photos and Videos
View a catalog of photos and videos that's literally out of this world. JSC maintains an enormous catalog of historical photos and current images.
JSC Freedom of Information Act
Passed in 1966, the Freedom of Information Act provides the public and industry a means of acquiring information about federal government activities.

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