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Freedom of Information Act
October 18, 2012


AUTHORITY: 42 USC § 2473; 44 USC § 3101; 5 USC § 552 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as amended; 14 CFR part 1206. NASA Privacy Act System of Records Notice, NASA 10.

PURPOSE: This system allows individuals to file electronic FOIA requests.

ROUTINE USE: Any disclosures of information will be compatible with the purpose for which the Agency collected the information. The records and information in these records may be disclosed in accordance with NASA standard routine uses as set forth in Appendix B of NASA Privacy Act Systems of Records Notices.

DISCLOSURE: Voluntary. We seek your full name and postal mailing address. Failure to provide this information may result in your request not being processed. Disclosures of this information outside the Agency may be made to parties for the purposes detailed in the Routine Uses section of the Privacy Act System of Records Notice, NASA 10.


To make a FOIA request, you can fill out the following online form which will generate an e-mail request to the FOIA Officer.

* Indicates mandatory fields.

Enter contact information for yourself:
(Failure to enter accurate information may render your FOIA request impossible to fulfill.)
* Name:
* Address:
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Company Name
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* Phone Number:
  Fax Number:
* E-Mail:

* Select the type of document that you are requesting: (select either contract or other and fill out the fields related to your choice)
    Select contract type(s)
Contract Modifications
Request for Proposals
Source Selection Statement
Task Orders
Award Fee Letters
Delivery Orders

* Select a suitable description of yourself and the purpose of the request in order to help to determine status to assess fees:
Affiliated with an educational or noncommercial scientific institution and this request is made for a scholarly or scientific purpose and not for commercial use.
An individual seeking information for personal use and not for a commercial use.
Affiliated with a private corporation and seeking information for use in the company's business.
A representative of the news media and this request is for news gathering and not for commercial use.
  * Enter media company name:
  * Select type of media: if other please explain,
Other (Include descripton and purpose)

Fee Information & Additional Comments
* Enter maximum fee amount you are willing to pay: (you will be informed if the estimated fee will exceed this limit.)
  Explanation for a request to waiver all fees:
  Additional Comments:


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