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RSA Token Instructions
July 31, 2013

What Is An RSA Token?

This is a small hardware device that enables "two-factor" authentication when you login into and RSA protected system. In this case, the two factors are two items that you enter:

  1. PIN Code - something you know
  2. RSA Token Number - something you have

NASA has increased the Agency IT security requirements and you will be required to utilize an RSA token for this access.

How Do I Get An RSA Token?

An RSA token can be requested by visiting http://idmax.nasa.gov. Select from the application list 'Agency RSA SecurID Token (new version)'. This will only provision an RSA token and will not provision any access.

How do I access the JSC/WSTF VPN using my RSA token?

You will first need to submit a remote user request by visiting http://idmax.nasa.gov. Select from the application list 'JSC Virtual Private Network'.

How do I access other NASA RSA protected sites?

Contact the systems owner for instructions on obtaining access to the resource.

How Do I Use The RSA Token?

You can go to the appropriate link according to your center for information on using the RSA token to access JSC or the WSTF VPN.


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Need Help?

Contact the IRD Customer Support Center, phone: (281) 244-6367 option 6, or email: jsc-irdcspt@mail.nasa.gov

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