How to Request a Replacement RSA Token

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How to Request a Replacement RSA Token in IDMAX

If you are a new VPN user, and need information on how to request a token for the first time and JSC VPN permissions, please see "How to Request VPN Permissions in IdMAX."

If your RSA Token has been lost or stolen, before completing the IdMAX request, you will need to call the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at either 281-483-4800, opt 2 or 1-877-677-2123, opt 2. You will need the INC Ticket# from ESD as part of the justification portion of IdMAX request.

  1. The requestor will need to go to IdMAX at https://idmax.nasa.gov
         NOTE: FireFox and Safari users will need to go to Launchpad (https://launchpad.nasa.gov) before attempting to connect      to IdMAX

IdMAX Home Page Image

Click on the "Access Management" button on the top of the page to go to the request page.

IdMAX Access Management Tab Image

Click “Request or Modify Application Account” link.

IdMAX Request or Modify Application Account Image

There are 3 tabs to fill in information:

  • User
  • Sponsor
  • Application
    Note: The Requestor tab will auto-fill the information of the person logged into IdMAX.

Click the User tab.

  • If you are not the User, enter the first and/or last name of the user. Click the "Search" button. Click the "Select User" button to add the user to the request. After choosing the user, it will automatically go to the “Sponsor” tab.
  • If this request is for you, go straight to the Sponsor tab.

IdMAX User Tab Image

IdMAX - Select User Button Image

Note: The user’s IT Security Training date must be up-to-date before any requests can be submitted. This will appear under the Identity Security Information section of the User tab, next to the line item "IT Security Training Completion Date."

The Requester tab is auto-filled with the information of the person logged into IdMAX. If this needs to be changed, follow the User tab instructions (Step 5) for searching and selecting a Requester.

To select a Sponsor, enter the first and/or last name of the sponsor, just like selecting the User. Click "Search".
Click "Select Sponsor" to select the sponsor for this request. NOTE: Self-Sponsorship is not allowed. The user and sponsor cannot be the same person. 

  • Who is a Sponsor in IdMAX?

    The Sponsor, per NASA, is recognized to have the "responsibility" to disposition accounts while the Associate Account Officer (AAO) has the "accountability" to ensure that accounts are dis-positioned.

    • For a Civil Servant: The Sponsor is the person who is the Reviewing Official of Record for the person's Performance Plan.
    • For a Support Service Contractor: The Sponsor is the person's immediate personnel supervisor within the company's organizational structure.
    • For a "Virtual User": The Sponsor is the Civil Servant who is requesting to the Government that the person be provided access to Government IT resources.
    • For a "Visitor": The Sponsor is the Civil Servant who is assigned physical security accountability, by the local Physical Security Office, for the person's duration on the site.

On the Applications tab, type in the "Keyword" for the RSA Token phrase "Agency RSA". This will bring up the application, Agency RSA SecurID Token (new version). Click "Modify" to add the application to the request.

Click "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

In the "Request Details" section, complete all starred fields. 

  • Do not modify the Assigned Center unless you are changing centers.
  • Click the radio button next to "New Token Request."
  • In the "Business Justification" field, please specify if lost, stolen or broken and enter the ESD ticket number received when reported.
  • Indicate if the customer is a Remote User. Remote Users are personnel who do not sit onsite at JSC permanently. (Note: This field should be automatically populated, and should not be edited.)
  • Enter Phone and Email Address.
  • Ignore the "JSC CSS SR #" field.

Once these are filled in, click the Continue to Submit button to see the "Confirm Application Account Request" page.

Verify all parts of the request are correct and click the "Submit Request" button.

You will be given a NAMS Request Number after the form has been submitted. NAMS will also email you a copy of the request for tracking.

ACES will notify you when your token is available for pick-up from JSC RSA Support, Bldg. 46, Rm. 154. Pick-up hours are Monday through Friday, 12:30 to 5 pm. If not picked up within 30 days, your token will be recycled and a request will need to be submitted to request a new RSA Token.

For any questions regarding IdMAX/NAMS, or for status of a request, please contact the NASA Information Support Center (NISC)at (866)419-6297. Note: You will need to know your Launchpad security questions before calling.

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