S122-E-008222 European Space Agency astronaut Hans Schlegel performs spacewalk Image above: European Space Agency astronaut Hans Schlegel, STS-122 mission specialist, works on the new Columbus laboratory as he participates in the mission's second scheduled session of extravehicular activity as construction and maintenance continue on the International Space Station. Credit: NASA

Launch Schedule

  • Consolidated Launch Manifest

    NASA's Consolidated Launch Schedule

    NASA's Launch Schedule features the planned dates and details for missions by NASA and the partner nations in the International Space Station Program, including Russia, European Space Agency and Japan.

  • KSC launch

    Launch Schedule at KSC

    The Kennedy Space Center provides launch sites for the space shuttle and numerous launch vehicles delivering important payloads into orbit. This launch schedule provides the latest information on upcoming rocket launches.

Human Space Flight Features

    International Space Station
    Johnson Space Center is the lead center in the design and implementation of the International Space Station, coordinating the efforts of 16 spacefaring nations. The station is a microgravity research platform where astronauts and cosmonauts live and work for months at a time.
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    Space Shuttle
    Johnson Space Center has been the home of NASA's Space Shuttle Program for more than 20 years, conducting the longest human space flight endeavor in history.
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    International Space Station Payloads
    Although Johnson Space Center is the lead center for the International Space Station, Kennedy Space Center plays a crucial role in the development, processing and launching of station payloads.
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    Shuttle Operations
    While the shuttle astronauts primarily train, work and plan their missions at Johnson Space Center, they launch from Kennedy Space Center on the space shuttle.
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    The searchable galleries of the Human Space Flight Web contain thousands of images and videos relating to NASA's human missions, from the Mercury program to the International Space Station.

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  • Return to Flight

    NASA sent Commander Eileen Collins and her crew on Space Shuttle Discovery back to space on STS-114 -- the Return to Flight mission. They tested on-orbit repair techniques and visited the International Space Station.

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  • University Research and Affairs Office  →

    The University Research and Affairs Office links the university community and the Center for synergistic science and engineering efforts. Joint research possibilities exist across the wide range of disciplines that comprise engineering and the space and life sciences.