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Songs and Space … Music to Our Ears
Astronauts Cady Coleman and Dan Burbank

NASA astronauts Cady Coleman and Dan Burbank play music along with the Irish band The Chieftains and the Houston Symphony during the band's Feb. 15 stop. Photo Credit: NASA/Lauren Harnett

Astronaut Dan Burbank

This on-stage shot reveals a very musical scene inside Houston’s Jones Hall as NASA astronaut Dan Burbank, frame center, is seen in his NASA flight jacket dancing on stage with the collection of musicians gathered for the event. Photo Credit: NASA/Lauren Harnett

On Feb. 15, NASA astronaut and amateur flutist Cady Coleman joined the Irish musical group The Chieftains on stage with the Houston Symphony at Jones Hall during the band's 50th anniversary concert tour. Also joining in from orbit was Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield, who is presently living 240 miles above the Earth on the International Space Station. A long-time fan of The Chieftains, Coleman carried the band’s penny whistle and Irish flute with her during her 2010 station expedition. Fellow NASA astronaut Dan Burbank joined Coleman for the stage performance, as well as other members of an informal group of players known as Bandella, which Coleman and Hadfield perform with on Earth.